Admin Mx000

As in this examples, we used a M5000 server, there is only maximum 4 domains that can be configured. So, DID start from 00 and goes to 03, even if only one are configured and running.

Showing specification of the cpu of a system board

This can be only seen at the OBP for sure.

{2} ok show-devs

In this case, we can see that there is one cpu [ cmp@400 ], with two core, and each core got 2 virtual threads.

Another case, is the next one, with 4 cpu [418 , 410 , 408 and 400 ], each one has two core, and each with two virtual threads.


Otherwise, you can see more or less the same result within solaris, with prtdiag.

      CPU                 CPU                         Run    L2$    CPU   CPU
LSB   Chip                 ID                         MHz     MB    Impl. Mask
---   ----  ----------------------------------------  ----   ---    ----- ----
 00     0      0,   1,   2,   3                       2150   5.0        6  146
 00     1      8,   9,  10,  11                       2150   5.0        6  146
 00     2     16,  17,  18,  19                       2150   5.0        6  144
 00     3     24,  25,  26,  27                       2150   5.0        6  144
 01     1     40,  41,  42,  43                       2150   5.0        6  144

Showing hardware configuration

This will show the system board configuration on a M5000 server :

XSCF> showfru -a sb
Device  Location    XSB Mode        Memory Mirror Mode
sb      00          Uni             no
sb      01          Quad            no

So, actually, there is 2 system board present.
  • One is running in uni-mode, meaning that when assigning this xsb to a domain, the domain can use all the power of the system board.
  • The other is running in quad-mode, meaning, that one of his xsb [ there will be 4 four in this case ] can be assign to a domain, and each one can use only one fourth of the power of the complete system board. It is splitted in a hardware way.

So, with this configuration, there will be in total 5 xsb, as we can see below :

XSCF> showboards -a
XSB  DID(LSB) Assignment  Pwr  Conn Conf Test    Fault
---- -------- ----------- ---- ---- ---- ------- --------
00-0 00(00)   Assigned    y    y    y    Passed  Normal
01-0 01(00)   Assigned    y    y    n    Passed  Normal
01-1 00(01)   Assigned    y    y    y    Passed  Normal
01-2 01(02)   Assigned    y    y    n    Passed  Normal
01-3 SP       Unavailable y    n    n    Unknown Normal

Showing status of the domain configured

XSCF> showdomainstatus -a
DID         Domain Status
00          Running
01          Initialization Phase
02          -
03          -

Here is some description of the status of a domain :

  • Initialization Phase
    • It appears when a domain was powered off, and during the powering on, you will see this state. So, you will see it only during a moment not too long normally.
  • OpenBoot Execution Completed
    • Appears when a domain was just powered on, and not yet booted once. So, can stay this way for a long time, if domain not used.
  • Booting/OpenBoot PROM prompt
    • When the booting phase of the domain is running [ we just did a boot at the console ], or when we did a init 0 of the domain. Domain is at the OBP and will stay so until next action is done.
  • Running
    • Self explaining…we can log on to the domain…and play with it !

Show who use the console of a domain

XSCF> showconsolepath -a
User            DID     ro/rw   escape  Date
eis-installer   0       rw      #       Wed Jan 13 23:18:05 2010

In this case, user eis-installer log on to the system controler, and connect to the console of DID 0 at time specified.
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