Cluster Ha


I will try here to explain you how to set up a apache web server with high-availability ! As I didn't still set it up, you have to wait… I'll put my note on how to achieve it , and step by step guide…

Please come back to see the evolution, and give me some feedback if you don't understand something or want something to be added.

So, first thing to do is to install the package :

# apt-get install heartbeat-2

Here is some command that will be probably usefull to configure our cluster :

  • cl_status (1)
  • heartbeat (8)
  • apphbd (8)

or at least, you could access the man page of these command, as at the beginning, it wasn't available for me.
So, actually, the command are respectively in this directory :

  • /usr/bin/cl_status
  • /usr/lib/heartbeat/apphbd
  • /usr/lib/heartbeat/heartbeat

Still one place where you can get a lot of documentation on your system when heartbeat is installed :

  • /usr/share/doc/heartbeat-2/

There is some file gzipped, so unzipped them…

Heartbeat will check if other host are still alive, this can be done accross a specific nic on each host. So, we will create one nic on each host, a dummy nic. This can be done with :

# ifconfig dummy0 up

Do this on each host, and don't forget to change the ip address, and then test if each host can join the other new address. I means, if we did on a host this :
host_1#ifconfig dummy0 up

Then, check on the other host, if we can ping this new ip address, so :
host_2# ping

And we have to get an answer…

At this moment, configuring ha seems to be harder thant I thought…

At this moment, I won't continue to write documentation for heartbeat-2…

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