Deleting Backup

After listing your available backup of rman, you can, of course, delete some not needed anymore.
This can be done interactively, I means that rman will ask you yes or no to delete a specified backuped files. To do so, simply :

RMAN> delete backup;

If it annoys you to always answer to these questions (a lot of you I think), you can erase all the backuped files whithout any answer :
RMAN> delete noprompt backup;

You probably have also some archive log. The command above don't delete the archivelog file, to delete them you have to do that :

RMAN> delete archivelog all;

Of course, you can also specify the keyword :


to not answer to a lot of question.

It will erase all your archivelog file !! Pay attention, that if some archive log weren't transmit to the other database, for use by dataguard, it won't be possible anymore to transmit it !! There will be a gap !

You can also simply uncatalog backuppiece, backup files, or something else from the repositery of rman.
With this command, you won't see anymore the backuped files when doing a :

rman> list backup;

So, the command to do is :

rman> change backuppiece '/path/where/is/the/backuppiece/file_backuped' uncatalog;

And after that, you won't see anymore the file from rman, and so rman can't use it too anymore !
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