Specify datafile by number instead of name.

Sometime, when creating backup, you may want to only backup a specific datafile. You can do so, by identifing the datafile name or also the datafile internal number for rman.

The list correspondance with internal number and the real name of a datafile, you can use this command in sqlplus to see them :

sql> select file#,name from v$datafile_header

The output will probably be something like that :
------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------
      1 /opt/oracle/oradata/system01.dbf
      2 /opt/oracle/oradata/undotbs01.dbf
      3 /opt/oracle/oradata/sysaux01.dbf
      4 /opt/oracle/oradata/users01.dbf
      5 /u0/oradata/tables01.dbf
      6 /u0/oradata/large_tables01.dbf
      7 /u0/oradata/indx01.dbf

When you got all this informations you can, by instance, backup a datafile, with his name :
rman> backup incremental level 0 datafile '/u0/oradata/large_tables01.dbf';

or with his internal unique number :
rman> backup incremental level 0 datafile 6;

So, these two commands are equivalent, as datafile number 6 is :


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