How To Activate Dataguard When Already Configured

This page won't explain how to set up a complete dataguard configuration, but only tells you how to activate it, when you database was offline. So, I suppose here that you have set up succesfully your dataguard.

There isn't a lot of things to tell here, but it's always easier to have a page to remember these things that we are aren't used to do all the days.

  1. Enable the listener on all database.
  2. Open the primary database
  3. Mount the standby database
  4. Enable the standby database to do automatic recovery

So, to enable the listener, you only have to do :

# lsnrctl start

on all the host of you dataguard configuration.
Then, open your primary database by doing this :
SQL> startup

Then, mount your standby database :
SQL> startup mount

And finally, do the automatic recovery on your standby standby database, so do this :
SQL> alter database recover managed standby database disconnect from session;
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