Zfs Notes

During my reading of the zfs document, I note some interresting remark, I hope… Here, they are… not exhaustive of course !

One really disturbing thing with zfs, is that when we write something to the zfs file system, we cannot actually see the real use amount of space. Try it out, by writing something on the zfs file system, and in other windows, look at zfs list of df -k. And you will see that you have to wait some time to get the value changed.
Actually, even with fsync or O_SCYNC flag, we are not sure that a write has been commit to the disk. Look at zfsadmin guide at page 50.

Actually, it's possible to create an iSCSI target with zfs, it seems really easy. But I'm not able to login on the iSCSI target with a Linux Debian, whenever I want to login, the computer still reboot, really strange…

I known installed Open Solaris 10 on a computer at work. We can known test one of the best (as some people say) operating system.

First note, install take a long time, it was probably because I first use CD install, and use the standart installation that cause to install a lot of things… At beginning, I won't complicated my transition from Linux to Solaris, so I didn't set up something special !

Second note, at the time of this writing, during the install when I partition the disk, I let some space for future usage! But the other partition wasn't available to be of solaris type ! I thought that I could arrange that perhaps later, but we will still see that… So, now I'm only able to see the partition that was of solaris type.

One still strange thing, when I use the command


it's like if solaris sees only solaris type partition as a one disk.

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