Usefull Package For Debian

I'll try to put here some usefull package that an administrator can use to monitor or have a greater control on his system.

Network related software

Monitoring statistique of system

There is always some utils installed with the bare minimal system, like ps, vmstat or some others. But if you want to have a greater details of your system, you may want to install some extra utils, like this package :


it contains sar, iostat and mpstat, so to install it :

apt-get install sysstat

more information can be find for this package with :
apt-cache show sysstat

or you can eventually go to the homepage of the package.

Print hierarchy of process

A package that I use sometime, for pstree utility, really usefull to find which process create wich process, so by this way you won't kill the wrong process. To install it :

apt-get install psmisc

apt-cache show psmisc

to get more information about the package.

Enable nfs sharing

On a server that you only need to share some directory and export them to other host, simply install this package :

apt-get install nfs-kernel-server

Then edit, the file that describe which directory and how you export them, with this file :


Then, on the remote host, you can mount the shared directory by simply doing a mount. There is already a support in debian with the minimum install. So, enjoy it as you don't need to install anything to mount a remote shared drive or directory.

Monitoring network activity

I usually use :


to monitor my network activity, I find it really good. So, to install simply do :

  1. apt-get install tcpdump
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